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Pregnant Horses and Ponies

Did you know that in the last few months of pregnancy and early lactation you mare's protein needs double?

If your pregnant mares are not fed enough protein, with all the key amino acids, foal development is stunted, resulting in small weak foals. Milk production decreases and is of poor quality, again affecting the growing foal's progress. Mares deficient in amino acids also have lower conception rates. The Hanley Formula provides breeders with a concentrated blend of essential amino acids to top up and improve the protein quality of a normal feed ration, ideal for the last three months of pregnancy and during lactation.

Protein Needs for Pregnancy

Average 500 kg Horse Maintenance Last 3 Months of Pregnancy Lactation
Protein Needs (Grams per Day) 656 800 - 870 1,430


  • I have been using The Hanley Formula on my broodmares for the last 2 years, and it has worked wonders. Particularly on a mare that wouldn't put weight on. Her condition is now superb and along with quality feed The Hanley Formula is the perfect partner. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending it.

    Andrew Duggan
  • This is very much a congratulations email as we love your product! We have our whole farm on The Hanley Formula (from weanlings to broodmares).

    I have recommended to around a dozen people to try your formula as it is cost effective and it has super results.

    Julie Butson
  • Just wanted to say what a great product the Hanley formula is!
    I have been feeding the Hanley formula to my fussy mare since May, she has improved in condition, muscle development and attitude!
    She is working at Open Medium/ Advanced level dressage.
    Previously we had problems putting on topline and muscle development (she is not a heavily  built horse although she is a 16.2 Dutch warmblood mix).
    Since she has been on the Hanley formula her attitude has improved out of sight, probably because she needed the extra protein for the harder work.
    So, thank you for making your wonderful product,when this bag runs out I will be saving up to buy another one.

    Marg Robinson