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The Hanley Formula is a concentrated blend of equine specific essential amino acids.

The Hanley Formula contains high levels of all 10 Essential Amino Acids.

Find out more about how the Hanley Formula can help your horse or pony:

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Old Aged Friends




  • I found their coat, feet and awareness improved and I think it is one of the best things I have ever used. I thank you for the donation of the product.  I found it worked great on a sick foal I had as well.

    Keep up the great work.

    Western Meadows Unwanted Horses
  • My horses have never looked better and are racing accordingly. The extra muscular strength they gain from the amino acids in The Hanley Formula aids their condition and performance.

    Robert Dunn
  • Since I've been using The Hanley Formula my horses have raced more consistently, staying at the top of their game for longer. Their muscle tone and recovery are excellent .

    Brent Shirley