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Growing Horses and Ponies

For growing horses and ponies amino acid supplementation is crucial . The amino acids fed early in life build the bones, tendons, ligaments and muscle necessary for high performance later in life. The Hanley Formula is rich in the most important amino acid for growth, Lysine .

The Hanley Formula builds lean strong youngsters.

Protein Needs for Growth

(Average 500 kg at maturity)
6 Months 12 Months 18 Months

24 Months

24 Months
(Light Exercise)
24 Months
(Heavy Exercise)
Protein Needs (Grams per Day) 676 846 800 770 830 1090


  • We have been using The Hanley Formula and have found it is a very safe and effective body building formulation for our young horses . We use The Hanley Formula as a key ingredient in our thoroughbred yearling preparation.

    Sir Patrick Hogan
  • Shard Farm has been using The Hanley Formula for the past nine months and in this time we have prepared yearlings for the Standardbred Sales in Christchurch. This year we have found the yearlings to have gained and maintained weight easily. They all had fine summer coats and that were rich in colour, despite poor weather during preparation. Our yearlings recuperated from travel quicker than previous years. A feature of this formula is its palatability; we have experienced problems in the past with protein pellets and horses refusing to eat them. I would recommend this formula to anyone who wants a complete protein mix. We have started the weanlings on it and they have not dropped weight, they seemed to recover from the stress of weaning quicker than previously.

    Debbie Smith
  • When I have a horse come into my barn they are instantly put on the Hanley Formula. Not only does their condition improve but their muscles develop stronger. It also very good for young foal and yearling development as it makes their growth grow evenly. I do not see my horses going up higher in the wither than the rear end. This product is a must for any person who has horses-be them racehorses or fun horses and I can highly recommend it to all. My feed shed is never without a 20kg bag in it.

    Maxine Green