Old Aged Friends

At Hanley we love our old equine friends. Aged horses and ponies are to be treasured. They exert a wise calm atmosphere and are great for younger horses and ourselves. Old horses should be nurtured and retire gracefully.
We consider an older horse to be 15 years plus. Although your equine friend my act much younger in years or seem older in body or personality. For this reason please treat each horse individually for nutritional and care requirements.

Many horses and ponies compete well into their twenties and even thirties. You will notice at Olympic and advanced competitions most of the horses are in their teens and many in their late teens. This is due to experience and the calmer nature they have gained in their older years. 

Older horses and ponies can be separated into working / competing and retired. Working /competing need higher amounts of all their feed to compensate for extra energy needs, along with muscular breakdown, as well as their age.

The Hanley formula is ultra- filtered into very digestible amino acids and peptides ( 50 or less amino acids joined together ) this is very easy for your old horse to digest in fact it is absorbed straight into his blood stream with no work from him to break it down.
With all equine feeds it’s the quality we should stay focussed on not the quantity or price. This is most important when feeding old and young horses.

The tables below are for maintenance purposes. If your horse is in lighter condition move slowly up to double the amount in the table and stay on this for 6 – 8 weeks. This is a loading period and ensures your horse is saturated with amino acids. After this period take amount back to the maintenance dose in the table.
For handy feeding tips see Feeding Information page


Feeding the older horse/pony in retirement ( not working )

Type of horse/pony Amount to feed per day
Mini 1 x teaspoon ( 5 grams )
Small pony ( 9 - 12hh ) 2 x teaspoon ( 10 grams )
Medium - large pony ( 13 - 14.2hh ) 1 x tablespoon or scoop in Hanley (20 x grams )
Small - medium hack 2 x scoops ( 50 grams )
Large horse (16hh or solid build) 3 x scoops ( 75 grams )
Giant horse 4 x scoops ( 100 grams )

Please note: This is a guide only you will not poison your horse feeding 50 grams extra or less. Please feed as required or call Philippa Hanley 021943282 for a talk


Feeding the older horse/pony in work

Type of horse/pony Amount to feed per day
Mini 1.5 x teaspoons ( 7 grams )
Small pony ( 9 - 12hh ) 3 x teaspoons ( 15 grams )
Medium - large pony 9 13 - 14.2hh ) 1 x heaped scoop ( 30 grams )
Small - medium hack

3 x scoops ( 75 grams )

Large horse ( 16hh or solid build ) 4 x scoops ( 100 grams )
Giant horse 4 x scoops ( 100 grams )

Please note: This is a guide only you will not poison your horse feeding 50 grams extra or less. Please feed as required or call Philippa Hanley 021943282 for a talk


Additional recommendations for older horses

  • Choose highly digestible feeds for older horses and keep feeds damp and soft.
  • Give them a good look and touch over once or twice a month. They love a good brush on their old tired muscles. This is a good chance to thoroughly check out covers in winter and any issues like skin rashes / lesions, scouring, rubbing halters or covers.
  • Keep your vet involved with yearly checks and an old horse appropriate worming programme.
  • Teeth at least every year.
  • Feet every 6 - 12 weeks for a trim, don’t make walking difficult by leaving for years between trims they spend all day on their feet.
  • Extra roughage in winter to keep them warm. The breakdown or fermentation of roughage ( chaff/ hay/ fibre ) produces heat in the hind gut so helps to keep them warmer in winter.
  • Shelter in summer is important to keep them comfortable. Some shade in the heat of the day. We hose our horses and dogs off on the hottest summer days they object at first then love it and run around kicking their feet up.
  • Check troughs aren’t frozen over if you live in the colder parts, these require breaking free everyday.
  • Enjoy your older horse they won’t be around forever and they love every minute you spend with them.


  • I have been using it now for about 2 months. My 29 yr old pony was wasting away a little on her rump and honestly within a week I had noticed a huge difference, she looks 10 years younger, has muscled up over her back and rump area and has the most amazing shine to her coat even though she is not covered at the moment. I have also been giving it to my 14yrs 16.2hh station bred mare, she was a little lacking in forward movement! She is noticeably happier when I ride her and the biggest thing I have noticed, whether it is meant to help with this or not, is that she is hugely more tolerant off the grass. Normally she gets quite toxic on the grass especially in this humid, wet weather we are having at the moment and she has been amazing.

    Anabell Potter
  • When I have a horse come into my barn they are instantly put on the Hanley Formula. Not only does their condition improve but their muscles develop stronger. It also very good for young foal and yearling development as it makes their growth grow evenly. I do not see my horses going up higher in the wither than the rear end. This product is a must for any person who has horses-be them racehorses or fun horses and I can highly recommend it to all. My feed shed is never without a 20kg bag in it.

    Maxine Green
  • Intransigent - winning on The Hanley Formula - an integral part in his success as he is only a small horse and The Hanley Formula has allowed him to muscle up very impressively - Jockey said he is twice the horse he was last year!

    Kirsty Lawrence