About Philippa Hanley

Philippa Hanley has been obsessed with horses since first laying eyes on them, at two years of age . This was no easy task coming from a very non-horsey family. The dream pony arrived when she was eight; which seemed like a life time.

Philippa stayed with the ponies, showing and eventing until twelve years of age when her obsession moved to racehorses. Helping to break-in and track work were her favoured tasks, she couldn't believe she was getting paid for it.

She went on to study Animal Science at Massey University and particularly loved Equine Nutrition. Ten years working in dairy science with an extensive laboratory background and Philippa could see the real benefits that would come from developing a complete body building formula for all equines.

Philippa uses the term body building to describe the whole equine body.

The Hanley Formula promotes and maintains growth and repair of all equine tissue (muscle, skin, hair, hooves, bone, tendon and cartilage), along with enzymes, hormones and all internal organs. The Hanley Formula is used from weanling through to very old equines and absolutely everything in between.

There are many reasons people buy The Hanley Formula and it works for them all: growing young ones, increased muscle tone for competition, more top line for sales and showing, a shiny coat, improved hooves, recovery from racing, recovery from illness or injury, pregnancy, rescue horses and the very old who need amino acid supplementation due to loss of liver function.

Philippa will be busy this season promoting The Hanley Formula and sponsoring many shows and events, come and meet her, call her on 0800hanley (0800 426 539) or email her at: phanley@xtra.co.nz