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Building Up Horses

For building lean muscle, conditioning and added top line, The Hanley Formula cannot be beaten.

It is a fact that muscle is made from amino acids, so to build muscle, not flab, you need amino acids.  Not fat.  Fat will only help to condition your horse if you are not feeding enough calories.  It is more economical to feed the correct calories for your horse and supplement with The Hanley Formula.  This will build lean muscle and top line in less than 10 weeks.

The Hanley Formula is ideal for lightly framed, fussy eaters, hard doers, nervous types, and  all those equines who lose condition during times of physical or psychological stress eg racing, breeding, travelling, competing, and adverse weather conditions.

The reason The Hanley Formula always works is that many horses just aren't efficient at absorbing the nutrients in the expensive feeds you give them. Or if they are the nervous, fussy, hard doer type you will find it difficult to even get them to eat all that expensive feed.

The Hanley Formula is pure amino acids, no fillers and 98% digestible, meaning what you feed is available to your horse to build that much needed muscle mass along with tendons, ligaments, hormones, enzymes and bone.

98% digestible means 98% is available in the bloodstream to be used where its needed.

The Hanley Formula, pure muscle and body building formula, no fillers.


  • We have been using The Hanley Formula and have found it is a very safe and effective body building formulation for our young horses . We use The Hanley Formula as a key ingredient in our thoroughbred yearling preparation.

    Sir Patrick Hogan
  • The Hanley Formula is the most amazing product for building top line that I have ever used. It has changed the whole outlook of our show horse. I am really looking forward to showing him this season as I am sure people will not believe it is the same horse.

    Mary Sheely
  • I don't normally bother with this kind of thing but I have been so amazed by The Hanley Formula I just had to let you know. First horse I started on is my 5yr TB broodmare. She went from a weedy, skinny little thing to a fat well muscled horse. She even has a nice topline and that's with no riding at all! I have tried every fattening feed invented and nothing has ever been able to achieve anywhere near as amazing results as The Hanley Formula can. Everyone comments on how fantastic she looks. Have recently just bought a 20yr TB gelding who is now on The Hanley Formula as well. Within a week I could see a difference and now almost 3 weeks later no more ribs showing and he's really filling out brilliantly.

    I just wanted to say thanks so much for the awesome product, I recommend it to everyone now. It's crazy to think all the different things I have tried and nothing works as well for any horse as well as the Hanley Formula does. It really is magic!!

    Rachel Norris