The Hanley Formula is an amazing supplement. We use it with the young horses for weight gain and top line. It is great for building lean body mass. For our top eventers the amino acids are crucial to maintaining them at the top end of the sport, assisting with muscle recovery and metabolism.

John Twomey

NZ Event Rider and Coach

We have been using The Hanley Formula and have found it is a very safe and effective body building formulation for our young horses . We use The Hanley Formula as a key ingredient in our thoroughbred yearling preparation.

Sir Patrick Hogan

Cambridge Stud

I have been using The Hanley Formula as a supplement to my feed since September 2007 at which time Rangataua Ray and G Boss arrived to be trained , G Boss went on to win 1 race . Rangataua was broken in at the end of September and was continued with to Qualify and then race in his first prep for 9 starts - 3 wins 2 seconds and 3 thirds his only unplaced run being his first. Under normal circumstances this wouldn't be possible but at no stage has he had a problem in keeping condition on. I also use The Hanley Formula in with their feed even when spelling and I am very pleased with the results and the amount of muscle mass they tend to put on. I highly recommend this product as an easy to use supplement to add to feeds for both racing and spelling horses.

Peter Wallace

Standardbred Race Trainer

Shard Farm has been using The Hanley Formula for the past nine months and in this time we have prepared yearlings for the Standardbred Sales in Christchurch. This year we have found the yearlings to have gained and maintained weight easily. They all had fine summer coats and that were rich in colour, despite poor weather during preparation. Our yearlings recuperated from travel quicker than previous years. A feature of this formula is its palatability; we have experienced problems in the past with protein pellets and horses refusing to eat them. I would recommend this formula to anyone who wants a complete protein mix. We have started the weanlings on it and they have not dropped weight, they seemed to recover from the stress of weaning quicker than previously.

Debbie Smith

Shard Farm

When I have a horse come into my barn they are instantly put on the Hanley Formula. Not only does their condition improve but their muscles develop stronger. It also very good for young foal and yearling development as it makes their growth grow evenly. I do not see my horses going up higher in the wither than the rear end. This product is a must for any person who has horses-be them racehorses or fun horses and I can highly recommend it to all. My feed shed is never without a 20kg bag in it.

Maxine Green

Breeder / Trainer

Michael and I have witnessed an amazing transformation on a yearling colt using the Hanley Formula. When 'Sid' arrived at our place early in December, he was severely underweight and had a huge worm burden. I immediately wormed him and started him on Hanley Formula along with muesli and chaffage. Six weeks later, he is a totally different horse, glossy coat, bright eyes, fat over his ribs, a great topline and he now spends a lot of time playing in his paddock because he feels so well. We also ended up having to rear an orphan foal at around the same time as 'Sid' arrived, so I started the foal on the Hanley Formula along with his hard feed and again amazing results. You would never pick the foal as an orphan. He is at the same height and weight that I would expect a foal on its own mother to be. I am totally sold on the Hanley Formula and I am now using it on all our young horses. I would recommend the Hanley Formula to anyone with horses. 'Fabulous product.'

Anna Miles

I have been using the Hanley Formula now for a year. We rescue a lot of malnourished and severely underweight horses. Hanley's is my first choice for putting weight on skinny horses and the horses love it. We also have a mare with locked stiffles and have tried everything to make her more comfortable. After trying everything we put her on the Hanley Formula and the locking seemed to disappear. We couldn't believe it, I took her off Hanley's to see what would happen and within a week her stiffles were locking again. She is now on the Hanley Formula for life and is a very happy horse.

Nikki Subritski

Good Start Stables

My horses have never looked better and are racing accordingly. The extra muscular strength they gain from the amino acids in The Hanley Formula aids their condition and performance.

Robert Dunn

Standardbred Trainer

I have been using The Hanley Formula on my broodmares for the last 2 years, and it has worked wonders. Particularly on a mare that wouldn't put weight on. Her condition is now superb and along with quality feed The Hanley Formula is the perfect partner. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending it.

Andrew Duggan

The Hanley Formula is the most amazing product for building top line that I have ever used. It has changed the whole outlook of our show horse. I am really looking forward to showing him this season as I am sure people will not believe it is the same horse.

Mary Sheely

Show Rider, Rotorua

We have used Hanley Formula on our stallion Don Quattro for about a year now. We have noticed that he maintained great overall condition right through the competition year without needing extra feed, and in particular his muscle condition was outstanding.

Kerry Sixtus

Since I've been using The Hanley Formula my horses have raced more consistently, staying at the top of their game for longer. Their muscle tone and recovery are excellent .

Brent Shirley

I don't normally bother with this kind of thing but I have been so amazed by The Hanley Formula I just had to let you know. First horse I started on is my 5yr TB broodmare. She went from a weedy, skinny little thing to a fat well muscled horse. She even has a nice topline and that's with no riding at all! I have tried every fattening feed invented and nothing has ever been able to achieve anywhere near as amazing results as The Hanley Formula can. Everyone comments on how fantastic she looks. Have recently just bought a 20yr TB gelding who is now on The Hanley Formula as well. Within a week I could see a difference and now almost 3 weeks later no more ribs showing and he's really filling out brilliantly.

I just wanted to say thanks so much for the awesome product, I recommend it to everyone now. It's crazy to think all the different things I have tried and nothing works as well for any horse as well as the Hanley Formula does. It really is magic!!

Rachel Norris

I have been using it now for about 2 months. My 29 yr old pony was wasting away a little on her rump and honestly within a week I had noticed a huge difference, she looks 10 years younger, has muscled up over her back and rump area and has the most amazing shine to her coat even though she is not covered at the moment. I have also been giving it to my 14yrs 16.2hh station bred mare, she was a little lacking in forward movement! She is noticeably happier when I ride her and the biggest thing I have noticed, whether it is meant to help with this or not, is that she is hugely more tolerant off the grass. Normally she gets quite toxic on the grass especially in this humid, wet weather we are having at the moment and she has been amazing.

Anabell Potter

Intransigent - winning on The Hanley Formula - an integral part in his success as he is only a small horse and The Hanley Formula has allowed him to muscle up very impressively - Jockey said he is twice the horse he was last year!

Kirsty Lawrence

Thoroughbred Preparer and Trainer, Waipukurau

This is very much a congratulations email as we love your product! We have our whole farm on The Hanley Formula (from weanlings to broodmares).

I have recommended to around a dozen people to try your formula as it is cost effective and it has super results.

Julie Butson

Everton Lodge Sport Horses

I bought my big warmblood boy Max about six months ago and he wasn't in great shape after being mostly turned out for two years - and then winter set in and I really struggled to get/keep condition on him. His neck was thin and looked like it belonged on a fine thoroughbred and his ribs were showing no matter how much food I gave him.

Through a bit of online research, I came across the Hanley Formula and decided to give it a go and I am so glad I did! Within two weeks, he had a healthier, fuller frame, a shinier coat and a look of much better general health. Now, after about six weeks, he is even better! His top line has filled out and he actually looks like a warmblood again and he feels more lively and happier to ride.

Thank you for a great product - I will definitely be recommending it!

Rebecca Thomson

I found their coat, feet and awareness improved and I think it is one of the best things I have ever used. I thank you for the donation of the product.  I found it worked great on a sick foal I had as well.

Keep up the great work.

Western Meadows Unwanted Horses

Just wanted to say what a great product the Hanley formula is!
I have been feeding the Hanley formula to my fussy mare since May, she has improved in condition, muscle development and attitude!
She is working at Open Medium/ Advanced level dressage.
Previously we had problems putting on topline and muscle development (she is not a heavily  built horse although she is a 16.2 Dutch warmblood mix).
Since she has been on the Hanley formula her attitude has improved out of sight, probably because she needed the extra protein for the harder work.
So, thank you for making your wonderful product,when this bag runs out I will be saving up to buy another one.

Marg Robinson

Just wanted to give you a quick update on how my horse is going on the Hanley Formula.  LOVE IT!!

He's very round and looks in 'show' condition.  Haven't increased his food or hay in any other way, just added the hanley.  It hasn't heated him up, just like you said it wouldn't.

I have recommended your product to friends who have horses/ponies.  It's a great product I'm very impressed!!!



Ana Coleman