The Hanley Formula Feeding Information

The Hanley Formula is an easy to feed, very palatable powder. Most horses and large ponies, who need improved condition and/or recovery, will benefit from 100 grams per day.

This should be kept up for at least 6 - 8 weeks, and many equines benefit from this amount on a permanent basis.

Otherwise drop to 50 grams per day if your equine is stabilised and maintaining their condition and recovery.


Mini horses and very small ponies (under 9 HH)

1 x heaped teaspoon (5 grams) adjust this amount up for working minis, broodmare minis and minis in need of extra condition. Adjust by an extra teaspoon or two


Most ponies

25 grams per day (1 x included scoop). Adjust up for broodmare ponies and competition ponies. Also for ponies needing extra condition or injury/illness recovery. Adjust by an extra scoop (50 grams per day)


Maintenance for horses

50 grams per day (2 x 25 gram scoops). This amount for most horses after they have had the minimum 100 gram (4 x scoops) dosing programme for 6 – 8 weeks


Dosing rate for horses for 6 – 8 weeks.

100 grams per day (4 x 25 gram scoops)


Maintenance amount for fussy eaters and / or those who lose condition easily

100 grams per day (4 x 25 gram scoops)


A recovery aid to prevent muscle breakdown and soreness.

Feed 100 grams per day (4 x 25 gram scoops) on the day prior to / of and after competition or racing. On other days return to normal lower dose rate

Older horses 15 years plus

100 grams per day (4 x 25 gram scoops)


For extra muscling and topline

100 grams per day (4 x 25 gram scoops)


Illness or surgery recovery 

 100 grams per day (2 x 25 gram scoops)


Very large horses / broodmares

150 - 200 grams per day. Only for broodmares in last 3 months of pregnancy and lactation. Also for very large light conditioned horses as dosing amount.